Summer Camp: Kensington & Park Slope

Honeydew Drop Summer Camp is an active and creative camp that has a curriculum that gives the campers activities they will learn from and friends they can keep forever!
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Locations Available:

Honeydew Playhouse

Honeydew Nook

About Honeydew

Honeydew Drop Family of Childcare Services has been serving the Brooklyn Community since 1999. We have 5 programs in 3 different locations in Park Slope and Kensington. These programs care for children from age of 4 month to 5 years old. Honeydew Playhouse summer camp is for children ages 4-6 years old. Honeydew is the perfect bridge between home and school with progressive Infant, Pre-K and Pre-school Curricula for the Whole Child.

About Summer Camp Curriculum

We structured our Summer Camp curriculum around a monthly theme. It is broken down into the weeks so we explore specific topics with the campers. Throughout the weeks, we explore the themes by talking, singing, reading books, going on field trips and creating projects about it.

For example, when our theme was pets, we had intentional play where we encouraged the children to pretend they were cats or fishes, etc. We read a picture book about animals of all kinds. We made cat masks and dog puppets. This keeps our program focused and consistent and the children get to use their imaginations in learning about their world. The consistency and repetition helps them retain the knowledge and apply it to other times and places in their lives.

What we offer:

  • Loving and Trained Teachers
    • CPR/First-Aid Trained
    • AA/BS in Early Childhood Education
    • Finger Printed/State Cleared
  • Our Indoor Playground has a Ball Pit, Tunnel, & Slide!
  • Enrichment Programs:
  • Child-Centered Fun curriculum
  • Community field trips (schedule below)
  • Weekly themes – crafts & projects
    • View Weekly Theme’s
  • Nutritious snacks & meals

* Children must be 4 years old by July of this year