Infant, Daycare, Pre-School & UPK Program

Honeydew Drop provides daycare services for children 4 months to 5 years old. We provide meals, a structured curriculum and our facilities include outdoor play areas. We have full-time, part-time and 3-hour time slots. We have a child-centered approach that enriches the developmental stages of each child.

We structure our daycare curriculum around monthly themes where we explore a specific topic with the children. Throughout the month, we explore the theme by talking, singing, reading books and creating projects about it. For example, when we our theme was pets, we had intentional play where we encouraged the children to pretend they were cats or fishes. We read a picture book about kittens. We made cat masks and dog puppets. This keeps our program focused and consistent and the children get to use their imaginations in learning about their world. The consistency and repetition helps them retain the knowledge and apply it to other times and places in their lives.

Our themes help children explore who they are, their families, their community and the people in it.  They learn about the world, nature and natural cycles of growth in seasons.  They express themselves through their fingers, movements and voices.  They explore their sensations through gross and fine motor play.  They strengthen their fingers for writing through home made playdough and slime.  They grow their literacy by being read to and talking about the books they just heard.  They express themselves with their bodies through our movement and music classes.  They learn another language in our fun Spanish class. And best of all, they learn to create community with their friends and teachers.