Our Community Efforts

See below for Family support and resources.

Blog Posts

Child in Mind is our socio-emotional training and awareness service. We offer blogs and resources to help you through this difficult time. 

Recent Posts:
5 Tip For Parents To Self Care
Explaining Social Distancing to a 3-year old
8 Tips for Remote Learning aka Homeschooling

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Bee Bundle Box

(for purchase)
Say hello to the Bee Bundle Box for children, we have boxes pertaining to each child’s age.

The Bee Bundle is paired with 1 month of activities, including projects, a list of songs, DIYs, Articles, and all accompanied by Exclusive Youtube videos, curated and created by Honeydew and their staff. To help you during your quarantine or any other time during the weekend.

Learning never stops with our Bee Bundle! Our Bee Bundles are available for purchase on our Child in Mind Website.

LIVE ZOOM Enrichment Classes

We offer Enrichment Classes 3 days a week. For non-Honeydew families, the costs are below.
Also available for purchase on our Child in Mind Website.

10-10:30 am (children 0-2.5 years)
10:30-11 am (2.5-5 years)

Tuesdays: Movement with Ms. Colleen
Wednesday: Music with The Sparrow Sisters
Thursday: Spanish with Espãnaté

ZOOM – Circle Times
(HD Enrolled Students Only)

Every Monday, each Honeydew Program provides our Students with 15-20 minutes of circle time through ZOOM.

Also paired with our Bee Bundle, we have a digital library of books, art projects, & more on our Youtube Channel. If you are currently enrolled and DO NOT have access please email us at the email below.

Email: Promotions@honeydewdrop.com