Honeydew Safari

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Our Honeydew Safari location gives you a very Home-ey vibe. We have a outdoor play space in case we cant make it to the playground in the neighborhood. The children love to play in the backyard and have circle outside, weather permitting. The Lead teacher and her staff work hard to make sure the children are happy, safe, and enjoying there time at Honeydew.

Jenifer Pienczykowski / Parent Coordinator

Jenifer Pienczykowski is a 25-year-old with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Hunter College. Her first experience working with children was when she started as a Respite Worker for Supportive Services for Children Inc. that gives underprivileged pre-teenagers struggling with mental illness a chance to explore many activities outside of their community that gives them a sense of hope & motivation. Part of her job was to be a solace and listening ear for them without passing judgment. This field led her to take up a different challenge that would expand her knowledge & growth, preschoolers. She first started working with preschool-aged groups in 2017 for various childcare services. Jenifer has even worked with Pre-K children as an assistant teacher. She believes that birth to 4 years old is the most crucial and important time developmentally in a human’s life which is why she continues to pursue this field. She hopes in the future that she can advocate for affordable childcare resources that promote mental wellness for young minds.

Sana Chaudry /Lead Teacher

Sana has been working at Honeydew since May 2016. She has worked at a babysitter & tutor since 2012. She is currently in school to obtain her Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education. She likes to work with children because they are we learn a lot from them everyday

She has lived in Greenpoint Brooklyn all her life, but she loves to travel to different countries and tries to go to a new country every summer. Her favorite destination is her mother’s birthplace in Poland a small town called Szaflary. She adores dogs & has one of her own, a Maltese named Miszu, Polish for bear. Jenifer is the youngest of 4 other siblings & sees them as inspirations. They are her drive that keeps challenging her professionally & academically.

Honeydew Safari
277 14th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Children ages 2.5 to 5 years old
Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm

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