Benefits of Reading Aloud to Your Baby

• Reading aloud sets the stage for school readiness. It can promote emergent literacy and language development.
• Reading aloud stimulates language skills, cognitive thinking skills, and enhances memory. And this is all while engaging a child and encouraging curiosity and creative exploration of the world around them.
• Reading books aloud can also help build a child’s vocabulary. Children who grow up in homes where they are read to and talked to regularly will have a much greater vocabulary.
• Reading aloud helps children bond with their parents. Reading is a way to open the world for your child.

Make Books a Part of Your Daily Routine
The more that books are woven into children’s everyday lives, the more likely they will be to see reading as a pleasure and a gift.
•At Meal Times
•In the Car or on the Bus
•At Child Care Drop Off
•At the Doctor’s Office
•At the Grocery Store
•At Nap Time
•At Day’s End
•At Bath Time
•At Bed Time
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