25 Foods That Help Relieve Constipation In Kids

Fiber is one of the main nutritive agents in food that a human body needs to digest and flush out whatever is eaten, in a painless manner. If fiber intake is less, then constipation is the result. In a society where undue importance in media is given to unhealthy snacks like chips and chocolates, it is vital for a responsible adult to select fiber-rich foods for their family.
Make it a habit to include a good amount of high-fiber diet and plenty of fluids in his/her diet every day. Your child’s plate should be full of fresh fruits and vegetables, high-fiber cereals, whole grain breads.
It may seem difficult at the beginning, but the long term benefits far outweigh any mild discomfort you or your kids may feel, weaning off unhealthy foods and shifting to fiber-rich nutrition. Here are our ten best suggestions to include fiber rich foods for kids constipation in their daily diet!

1. Prunes:
2. Pears:
3. Broccoli:
4. Flaxseeds:
5. Carrots:
6.Beans And Legumes:
7. Peaches:
8. Fig:
9. Whole-Grain Breads And Cereals:
10. Pineapple:
11. Raspberries:
12. Avocados:
13. Lentils:
14. Oatmeal:

15. Wheat Bran:
16. Papaya and Fruits with ‘Edible’ Skin:
17. Brown Rice:
18. Green Peas:
19. Artichokes:
20. Dried Nuts:
21. Popcorn:
22. Blackberries:
23. Parsnips:
24. Soya Beans:
25. Sprouts:
How Much Fiber Should Kids Intake?
Here is some detailed information about the nutritional requirement of fibers for kids of different age groups:
• Toddlers (1-3 years old)- 19 grams of fiber daily
• Kids (4-8 years)- 25 grams of fiber daily

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